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Types of Foam

Closed Cell

Highest R-Value Rating R-6.90 Per Inch:

Closed Cell has one of the highest R-Value per inch of any insulating material available. It eliminates heat loss due to the high closed-cell content of the polyurethane plastic. Energy costs to heat or cool the buildings or houses are reduced while the comfort is enhanced.

With this great product, we can meet the new stretch code in a 2x4 stud wall.

Soy based product, can adhere to masonry, stone foundations and below grade applications.

Ideal for New and Retrofit Construction:

Closed Cell is a spray-applied cellular plastic that forms a continuous, monolithic insulation and air barrier on walls, around corners and on contoured surfaces.

Closed Cell adheres tenaciously to most surfaces, forming a seamless permanent insulating system even around the most difficult shapes. This product can be used on the outside of buildings or in the stud walls of houses, new or retrofit construction.

Energy Efficient and Prevents Air Leakage Problems:

Closed Cell is used by architects and engineers to design houses and buildings that are attractive and comfortable for the occupants, while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. This high-energy efficiency remains virtually unchanged for the life of the houses and buildings.

Effective Air Barrier:

Closed Cell exceeds the requirements of a Type III air-barrier as proposed by NRCC. The Department of Energy (DOE) has documented that more than 40% of energy loss in residential construction is due mainly to air leakage. Closed Cell fills the cracks, gaps and small openings typically found in the building envelope, hence this heat loss would be eliminated.

Cost Effective One-Step Application Process:

Closed Cell is spray-applied on the construction site in a single cost effective step by fully trained contractors across the United States and Canada. This material flows into the cracks and joints and around protrusions like prick ties, etc. The labor costs are reduced since no additional steps such as mechanical fasteners, application of adhesive, etc. are required.

Easy Application:

Confirmed work areas and unusual shapes are no challenge for Closed Cell . Its ease of application makes this insulation the perfect choice for air sealing in attics, crawl spaces, or other hard-to-reach areas.

Increased Structural Integrity:

The high compressive strength of Closed Cell contributes towards the structural integrity of stud wall construction, which significantly increases the racking strength of stud walls (metal or wood). Depending on the wall configuration, the usage of Closed Cell can increase the racking strength of the wall by over 200 percent.

Open Cell Foam @ 4.20 per Inch

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation sets new standards of quality, energy-efficiency and performance for builders, architects, contractors and homeowners. Our semi-rigid, open-cell, polyurethane insulation's high R-value and ease of application have taken insulation performance to a whole new level.

Based in renewable natural resources, Open Cell creates more energy-efficient buildings by expanding to seal cracks, gaps and voids in attics, walls and ceilings. As a result, builders and owners can use smaller, more energy-efficient heating and cooling units to achieve the same level of comfort. International Code Council approved.

The Perfect Renewable Choice for:

  • Roofs

  • Floors

  • Wall Cavities

  • Agricultural Settings

  • Farms

Key Benefits of Open Cell:

  • High R Value 4.20 per inch

  • Healthy

  • Energy Efficient

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Seals and insulates in one application

  • Does not settle or compact in cavities

  • Is an air barrier due to its low air leakage

  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals

  • 100% water blown

  • Eliminates the growth of molds and mildew

  • Environmentally friendly product

  • No toxic substances are emitted

  • Vegetable based product

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