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What our customers have to say:

May 10, 2022:

Thanks! Great crew today - friendly, professional, quick. I’ll put in the good word for you guys if any friends have insulation needs. 

October 29, 2021:

Thank you.  Everything looks good, your guys did a great job with everything.  The inspector was very impressed

March 15, 2018:

Hi Steve your guys were great hard workers a great job cleaning up. Well done!

February 14, 2018:

Thanks Steve, your guys did a great job.

September 9, 2017:

The completed job looks excellent, you already can't feel the coldness from the data room nearly as much. I'm confident between this and re tiling the warehouse ceiling, we will get our desired result. 
Your team was also very impressive with the speed and quality of the masking, and spraying.
Thanks for taking great care of the task. We appreciate it.

July 7, 2017:

The guys did a great job and cleanup. Building inspector was impressed, I gave him some cards. 


December 21, 2016:

Thanks so much for re-sending the invoice, but most importantly for your flexibility and extremely fast turnaround time. The work was excellent - we already notice a difference. We will happily contact you again with any jobs in the future.

November 11, 2016:

Purchasing will handle your check-good crew you sent out worked neat and professionally. Happy to recommend your company!

August 18, 2016:

Just wanted to give you an update on the performance of the closed foam insulation you installed.

I think we both can agree that it has been a hot summer.

No matter how hot is was outside, the attic temperature never exceeded 81 degrees and that was on one day. For the other days during the heat spells, the temperature never exceeded 80 degrees. On a normal summer day when the outside air was in the 80’s. The attic temperature averaged between 75-77.

As I mentioned below, on the coldest day last winter, the attic temperature never went below 52 degrees. The average was 55-56 for the winter.

I would say that installing closed foam insulation was a success. If you want to use me as a reference, please feel free.

Thanks again.

March 17, 2015:

Also, just wanted to let you know we've already noticed a 5 degree difference on the 3rd floor and have turned our heat down on the first and second floors due to the dramatically improved heat retention! Thank you!

November 26, 2014:

Thanks Steve, Everything went well, as usual, your guys are great. Inspector was impressed as well.

July 23, 2014:

Just letting you know your guys did a great job yesterday. They were personable, professional, and thorough. The room looks great.

March 31, 2014:

Your guys were great to work with. Will be calling you for our next project.

October 26, 2013:

Thanks again for the quick returned phone calls and service. Everything came out great and your guys were awesome!

January 2, 2013:

Pro Spray Insulation LLC removed existing fiberglass insulation and spaying closed cell foam insulation (R30, 4.5 inches) in 12 x 16 ft crawl space. I needed to replace fiberglass insulation under floor (in 12 ft x 16 ft crawl space) - the room was drafty and air was entering "above" the insulation. I called and received quote for spraying closed cell foam (R30, 4.5 inches) in the crawl space. Approximately 4 ft of headroom to work in.

We set up appointment for 2 days later. They came on time, removed existing insulation, sealed off work area, worked diligently spaying foam, cleaned up after. Room is now draft free. Excellent job.

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